Youth Service


RYDA NOOSA is a joint project of four Rotary Clubs in our area (Noosa, Noosa Heads, Noosa Daybreak & Cooroy).

RYDA is a one day, out of school program,

Approximately 150 students per day participate. Six groups of 25 are

rotated around 5 classroom-style lecture subjects and 1 practical on-road experience, presented by professional Facilitators, experts in their own field such as Driving Instructors; Police Officers; Drug & Alcohol Counsellors; Financial Advisers; Technical Specialists, and Survivors of Serious Accidents.

Some of the topics covered include:-

  • perceiving hazards and avoiding them
  • identifying and avoiding distractions
  • understanding a vehicles’ safety features
  • maintaining vehicle safety
  • understanding stopping distances at differing speeds
  • effects of fatigue, alcohol and prescription drugs
  • experiences of a crash survivor (very emotional and moving)
  • understanding the law

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Rotary’s Youth Exchange Program is recognised as one of the best in the world. In the Rotary Youth Exchange program students of high school age are able to either spend up to a year living with host families and attending school in a foreign country in Europe, America, Japan, Africa, Asia or as an alternative, choose a short term exchange of several months in New Zealand.

Whether they participate in Rotary’s long-term or short-term Youth Exchange programs, students become ambassadors, teaching people they meet about our country, culture, and ideas at the same time they will learn and experience a new way of living, a great deal about themselves, and maybe, even a new language. In this way, students can help bring the world closer – and make good friends in the process.

Throughout the world more than 8,000 young people each year have experiences like these through the Rotary Youth Exchange Program. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime.

Our Rotary District 9600 has a Youth Exchange Program committee responsible for both incoming and outgoing exchange students focusing on the welfare and safety of all participants, students, Rotary Clubs, host parents and counsellors. If you would like to be an exchange student or you may know of someone, a friend, relative or school-mate who would enjoy the experience send us an email.


NYSF – National Youth Science Forum

Founded in 1984, The National Youth Science Forum is the only program in Australia that offers students about to enter year 12 the chance to test drive a wide range of universities and careers in the sciences.

Conducted in Canberra and Perth, over a two-week period each January, the NYSF is one of the largest Rotary supported programs in Australia.

Students are chosen in Year 11 and attend just prior to entering Year 12. These young people interact with experts, staff, and other students in all aspects of the forum. One of the great successes of NYSF is that it is run by students for students, with the 14 staff at each session being only one or two years beyond Year 12.

A greater appreciation of the sciences and achieving successful careers in science is the driving force of NYSF. This is provided through major partners including the Australian Academy of Science, the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, the Australian National University, CSIRO, and many others.

The NYSF does not teach science – that is the responsibility of schools and universities. It does, however, provide greater knowledge and passion for sciences as well as improving each student’s personal development, their perception,  communication, and skills. The forum also provides valuable contacts, friendships, and mentors. 

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